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The Heinlein Centennial Reader
A Call for Articles and Essays about Heinlein's Life & Work

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Notice: Deadline date for submissions has been changed from April 1, 2007 to August 1, 2007 and the end of the public review date from May 1, 2007 to September 1, 2007

Robert A. Heinlein was born 99 years ago, in Butler, Missouri, graduated from the United States Naval Academy in 1929, and served as sea going officer until 1934, when he was forced to accept a medical discharge...but his real legacy consists of 57 books he wrote during his long and eventful life.

We believe that Heinlein's science fiction novels and stories helped to encourage many young people to pursue careers in science and engineering, but his writing also encouraged his readers to examine basic economic, political and social issues. More than anything else, Heinlein espoused a libertarian agenda before the term itself had been co-opted by a political party of the same name, an agenda that combined the best elements of liberal and conservative thinking into a holistic philosophy. This is why Heinlein is remembered so well, and so fondly by so many people.

Beginning on July 7, 2007, millions of Heinlein's devoted fans will mark the centennial of this seminal social critic and science fiction writer with an ongoing series of events and activities at science fiction conventions and other special events around the world.

As part of this Centennial Celebration, The Heinlein Society is planning to publish a compilation of original articles and essays about Mr. Heinlein's life and his life's work. The Heinlein Centennial Reader will be published on July 7, 2007, to commemorate the author's 100th birthday.

You are invited to submit articles, essays, and critical appraisals of Heinlein's work.

We are especially interested in first-person articles from people who knew Robert, or corresponded with him, as well as essays from people who never met Robert, but whose lives have been affected by Heinlein's philosophy and social commentaries.

In addition, we are seeking critical essays about specific Heinlein novels and short stories that explore the philosophical implications of the author's works.

All of the materials submitted to this competition will be posted in the Articles section of this presentation, where they will be subjected to public scrutiny and comment. The final selections will be made on the basis of votes cast by the members of the Heinlein Society, and the final volume will be published on July 7, 2007.


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The Heinlein Society was founded by Virginia Heinlein on behalf of her husband, science fiction author Robert Anson Heinlein, to "pay forward" the legacy of Robert A. Heinlein to future generations of "Heinlein's Children."